Omis. Click for larger picture...Omis is a beautiful seaside town, situated 20 kilometres south of Split towards Makarska, on the mouth of the river Cetina, underneath the grey cliffs of the Omis Dinara. On that very spot the river itself had cut the picturesque mountain massif creating the lively canyon of indescribable beauty.

When you consider the location, there isn’t that many touristy places that offer such contrast like Omis does. The bright stream of the river connects the continental inland with the Mediterranean seaside enriched with aroma and colours.

Omis beaches. Click for larger picture...Omis is also blessed with the beautiful beaches. Only 150 meters from the centre of the town there is a gorgeous, clean sandy beach (the main town beach) 700 meters long, with the various contents to suit everyone’s needs, shallow enough for the families with the small children.

At the very entrance to the town, on the territory of Duce, there is a large sandy beach, which is according to opinion of a lot of people considered to be the most beautiful beach between Split and Dubrovnik.

Omis beaches. Click for larger picture...500 meters from the town centre, towards Makarska, there are many beautiful pebble beaches to choose from that spread out for miles.

This variety only adds up to the rich touristy offer; the popular inland resorts with the authentic country tourism, the excursions with the boat or a touristy train to the unique canyon of the Cetina River.

The tours around the islands and the romantic cave with the excursion boats that are offering the unforgettable fish picnic.

Omis. Click for larger picture...For the active holiday lovers there is a wide spectrum of contents; the mountaineering, free climbing, experiencing the views with the popular paragliding, diving, windsurfing, volleyball on the sand, rafting, canoeing on the river Cetina (already famous throughout Europe) etc.

Omis had a rich, turbulent past that spreads out since the antic times, when it carried the name Oneum, from the pirate middle age era to the rough times of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the town stood stubbornly never completely defeated!

Omis. Click for larger picture...The witnesses of the past times are the proud fortresses situated just above on the cliffs- the pirate fortress Mirabella-Peovica, and Fortica as well as the ruins of the old city walls.

The view from these magnificent antiquities to the delta of the Cetina River, the island of Brac and its surroundings is truly unforgettable!

St Peter church in Omis. Click for larger picture...The witnesses of the beginnings of the Croatian culture are also the church of Saint Peter (dated from the IX century), the church of Saint Mihovil, the town’s history museum, the old town cemetery, the Column of Shame to name a few.

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Besides the rich natural and history beauty, this touristy pearl of Dalmatia has a lot to offer in the form of various cultural manifestation and entertainment program.

Festival klapa in Omis. Click for larger picture...Pirate evenings, summer masquerade, celebration of the first part of the New Year, swimming marathon, crazy dives and as the part of the cultural summer the famous performers from all over Croatia and world and also the unique Festival of the Dalmatian Klapa’s song.

Traditional festival of Dalmatian national songs has been taking place each year since 1967 on the squares in the old parts of the town, to maintain the cultural heritage and is the greatest manifestation of this kind.